MMS Message Sending

This page only contains information specific for MMS composition, which is part of the SMS composer. For more detailed information about the SMS/MMS composer, check the SMS Composer.

MMS Sending Basics

Sending MMS with Braze

  1. Select your subscription group You must designate a subscription group with MMS enabled phone numbers to target (can be short or long codes)
  2. Input message body Input PNG, JPG, or GIF image types from the media library or specify a URL Only 1 image supported
  3. Understand MMS Sending Not all cariiers can accept MMS. In these cases, Twilio will automatically convert the MMS too an image link the user can click. MMS are billed at a different rate vs. text only SMS.

Creating an MMS message

Creating an MMS message requires your Subscription Group to be configured for MMS sending. This is indicated by seeing the MMS tag when selecting a Subscription Group. Upon selecting an MMS enabled Subscription Group, you will have the ability to either upload an image or reference an image URL.


Previewing an MMS message

Braze provides a preview of the image you have uploaded. Please note: The ordering of SMS/MMS assets cannot be customized. The ordering is dependent on the phone receiving this message.


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