Segment Analytics Tracking

When you turn analytics tracking on for a segment, Braze will let you view sessions, custom events, and revenue over time by this segment.

Analytics tracking

On the Revenue page of the Dashboard, you’ll be able to view data on revenue and purchases over time for this segment. By adding or removing segments from the graph, you can visually compare segment data for any custom time range.

Revenue data by segment

Similarly, data on sessions over time for this particular segment can be found on the Overview page.

Session data by segment

Braze also provides the ability to view data on Custom events over time for segments, via the Custom Events page.

If you don’t turn analytics tracking on for a segment, you will still be able to access realtime statistics for that segment and target its users with campaigns. The only difference is the access to the specific analysis tools mentioned above.

An app can have tracking turned on for at most 25 segments. Braze recommends tracking segments that are important for you to analyze when understanding your campaigns’ effects on sessions, revenue, and purchases.

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