Media Library

The Media Library allows you to manage your assets in a single, centralized location. To access this feature please go into the “Media Library” tab in the Templates & Media section of your dashboard.

The Library now allows you to:

  • Upload multiple images at one time
  • Upload Virtual Contact Files (.vcf)
  • Upload a folder with your images (max: 50 images)
  • Crop an existing image to create the right ratio for your messages
  • Add tags or teams to help further organize your images
  • Search by tags or teams in the new Media Library grid
  • Drag and drop images or folders to be uploaded
  • Delete images


Stats Available

Within the Media Library, you can now see the image dimensions, URL, type as well as the date it was added to the library.

Accessing the Media Library from a Message Composer

Previously when composing a message, you would upload images for each respective message. As the Media Library now acts as your dashboard’s centralized location for assets, all images will now be uploaded directly to it. This additional functionality gives you the flexibility to re-use images across different messages.

Managing Content

You can also duplicate and archive templates! Learn more about creating and managing templates and creative content in Templates & Media.


Are there storage limits for images within the Media Library?

There are no storage limits for images within the Media Library.

How do I crop and existing image?

You can crop an existing image by selecting the image from the Media Library and clicking the button for “Save & Crop Image”. You will be redirected to a cropping composer where you can select your ratio type and edit the name of the new image. Once you hit save, your new image can be used.



Can I crop all images?

The Media Library does not currently support cropping GIF images.

Why can’t I upload any image I want into the Push Composers?

The reason for this is because most composers have restrictions on the image ratio size that is allowed.

My image keeps timing out when I try to upload it. What can I do about this?

This can happen for a variety of reasons, but a common solution is to make sure your image is optimized before attempting to upload it. This means running your image through an image optimizer (such as [ImageOptim][5]). Additionally, if your image was built in Photoshop (or similar software) and has many layers, merging and reducing the number of layers can also help.

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