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Braze is built for businesses of all sizes.

Some customers start with a simple campaign. Some dive headfirst into sophisticated, cross-channel strategies. No matter your aspirations, Braze can help you implement a customer engagement strategy that works for your business.

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Integrate the Braze SDK and generate live customer profiles, trigger web and mobile messages in real time, and measure the impact of your strategies.
Braze Platform packages include:
  • Braze Success & Support
  • Canvas Flow and Intelligence Suite
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) and Teams
  • Access to Braze Learning
  • Access to Braze Bonfire Community

Build your own Braze over time

Expand your cross-channel strategies

Add more channels to supercharge your engagement

  • Email: Manage all your marketing and transactional email with Braze
  • SMS & MMS: Send personalized offers to your customers across the globe with Braze SMS and MMS
  • Content Cards: Use this versatile, Braze-developed channel to reach your customers in unique ways across your apps, websites, and more

Make the most of your data

Braze Currents: Continuously stream message and behavior events to key data partners, including data warehouses, customer data platforms (CDPs), and analytics platforms.

Snowflake Data Sharing: Unlock data insights faster than ever with Snowflake Data Sharing.

Braze Predictive Suite: Predict which of your customers are more likely to churn, and which are more likely to purchase more from you, with the Braze Predictive Suite.

Grow faster with world-class onboarding and Braze support resources

Leverage Braze expertise with our services:

  • Onboarding support for the Braze platform, email, or SMS
  • SMS/MMS and vanity code setup
  • Data integration and sharing acceleration
  • Regular deliverability monitoring