Reporting & Analytics

SMS Metrics

  • Sent: A campaign or Canvas step has been launched or triggered and an SMS has been sent from Braze. It is possible that the SMS does not reach a user’s device due to errors, as explained below.
  • Sent to Carrier: Braze has attempted to send the SMS through to the carriers. This stat is the sum of Confirmed Deliveries, Rejections, and sends where delivery or rejection was not confirmed by the carrier. There are instances where carriers do not provide delivery or rejected confirmation, as some carriers do not provide this confirmation or were unable to do so at the time of sending.
  • Delivery Failures: The SMS could not be sent due to queues overflow (sending SMS at a rate higher than your long or short codes can handle).
  • Confirmed Delivery: The carrier has confirmed that the SMS was delivered to the target phone number. As a Braze customer, deliveries are charged toward your SMS allotment.
  • Rejections: The SMS has been rejected by the carrier. This can happen for several reasons including carrier content filtering, availability of the destination device, the phone number is no longer in service, etc. As a Braze customer, rejections are charged toward your SMS allotment.
  • Opt-Out: A user replied to your message with an Opt-Out Keyword and was unsubscribed from your SMS program. A user reply is measured anytime a user sends an inbound message within four hours of receiving your message.
  • Help: A user replied to your message with a HELP Keyword and was dispatched a HELP auto-response. A user reply is measured anytime a user sends an inbound message within four hours of receiving your message.

Control Groups

To measure the impact of an individual SMS, a Control Group can be added to an A/B Test.

The top-level campaign details will not include metrics from the Control Group variant.

Reporting in Campaigns

Campaigns will deliver your reports in a series of blocks. You may see more or less than those listed in the tabs below, but each has its useful purpose.

Campaign Details

The Campaign Details analytics block will give you a high-level overview of the entire SMS campaign.


Message Performance

This block will define the performance of the message on multiple levels (by Variant, Audience %, Unique Recipients, Sends, Sends to Carriers, Confirmed Deliveries, Delivery Failures, Rejections, and more!)

Click on the to view your message.


Historical Performance

This block allows you to see the message’s performance over a set period on a timeline.


Keyword Responses

This block allows you to see the inbound keywords users replied with after receiving your message on a timeline


Conversion Event Details

This block will show you the performance of your conversion events for the SMS message campaign or canvas.


SMS Currents Events

Just like email, Braze receives user-level events related to an SMS message as it makes its journey to a user. Any inbound SMS event will also be sent as a Currents event through the SMS InboundReceived event. This will allow you to perform additional actions or reporting on the messages your users are texting in outside of the Braze platform. Please note that inbound messages are truncated past 1600 characters.


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