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Boost mobile app adoption and lifetime value with data-driven marketing

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Payomatic used Braze to bolster its digital capabilities as it transformed its traditional brick-and-mortar business, delivering personalized messages at key moments during the customer journey and driving a 32% increase in direct deposit adoption within its app.
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“Because we now rely on a cloud-based, 360-degree view of our customer, we’ve become much better at collecting actionable insights that improve future campaigns and help us increase customer lifetime value.”

Steven Mayotte
CIO at Payomatic

Drive more conversions with cohesive customer experiences fueled by real-time streaming data


Braze Alloys

Streaming Data

With a tech stack based on streaming data, the fully-mobile bunq used Braze, Segment, and Mixpanel to better segment, target, and engage users, reducing churn by 17%.
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Build trust with your customers by creating valuable, frictionless journeys

Dynamic Segmentation

Customer Journey Builder

Singapore-based digital wealth platform Endowus uses Braze to test and experiment in audience segments from different channels based on custom events and attributes in order to launch effective customer journeys while decreasing time spent building campaigns.
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Banking on the Customer Journey: 2022 Financial Services Insights


Of consumers who feel they receive relevant communications say they are extremely or very satisfied with their bank


Of consumers are willing to share more personal information with their financial services provider to get more relevant information


Of consumers rank trustworthiness as a top factor when it comes to a bank provider

Customer engagement pays off for financial services


Increase in 3-month rolling retention with cross-channel messaging

Financial startups are making messages more valuable by leveraging in-product and out-of-product channels together


Longer average user lifetime with cross-channel messaging

Brands that lean on a single-channel strategy run the risk of missing the opportunity to meet consumers where they are