Locations & Geofences

The ubiquity and flexibility of mobile technology allows marketers, product managers, and growth teams to reach their users everywhere, blurring the lines between digital and real-world experiences. With Braze, you can create and enhance relationships with your users based upon their location in the real world, unlocking a powerful set of deeply connected interactions:

- Upload the locations of all of your brands’ brick and mortar stores, and send push notifications to loyal users notifying them of in-store promotions if they pass nearby.
- Upload the location of an upcoming concert, and message users letting them know where to register when they reach the venue. Then, follow up with a thank you message an hour after they depart.

You can gather and utilize user location data in a couple of ways:

- When a user opens your app, location tracking captures their most recent locations using GPS location data. This allows you to see where your users have been and segment this data.
- Geofences are defined virtual geographic areas. If a user has enabled background location tracking, you can use geofences to trigger campaigns in real-time when a user is in a geofence. Geofences are only available in select Braze packages. For access, please reach out to your Braze representative.

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