Harness real-time data to reach every customer on a personal level

Product feature data analytics

Build precise audiences based on live-updating data

Say goodbye to batch processing and complicated SQL queries. Our lightning-fast architecture and intuitive interface enable marketers to act on customer behaviors and preferences in the moment.

All the data you need to deliver engaging messages, when you need it

Use data flowing into our platform immediately for campaign triggering and cross-channel personalization

100+ Out-of-the-box segmentation filters
59% Increase in email engagement when using action-based triggers
19% Higher conversion rates with dynamic content personalization

Data ingestion

Customer data comes from a variety of sources and systems. Easily ingest and act on that data with our robust SDKs or APIs, CSV imports, or our open partner ecosystem.

Reporting & analytics

Use our real-time analytics and in-depth reports to understand performance, pick up on actionable trends and insights, and prove the impact of your strategies across platforms and channels.

Data streaming & sharing

Break down data silos across technologies and teams. Continuously send rich data from Braze to the leading data technologies your teams currently use.