Full-Screen In-App Messages

Full-screen messages take up the whole screen of the device! This message type is great when you really need your user’s attention, like for mandatory app updates.

Full-Screen Specs


Full-screen in-app messages will fill the entire height of a device and crop horizontally (left and right sides) as needed. Image + text full-screen messages will fill 50% of the height of a device. All full-screen in-app messages will fill the status bar on “notched” devices.

  • All images must be less than 5MB.
  • We only accept PNG, JPG, and GIF file types.
  • We recommend that your images be 500KB.
Layout Asset Size Notes
Image + Text 6:5 aspect ratio
Hi-Res 1200 x 1000px
Min. 600 x 500px
Cropping can occur on all sides, but the image will always fill the top 50% of the viewport
Image Only 3:5 aspect ratio
Hi-Res 1200 x 2000px
Min. 600 x 1000px
Cropping can occur on the left and right edges on taller devices

Image Safe Zone

When previewing a full-screen in-app message in the Braze platform, you can enable the Image Safe Zone to the area of the message that is safe from cropping when displayed across devices. In addition to testing the Image Safe Zone in the preview pane, we recommend you test your message as always.

Image Safe Zone

Larger Screens

On a tablet or desktop browser, a full-screen in-app message will sit in the center of the app screen as shown below.

Full-Screen Viewport

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