Four canvas outlines

The Entry Steps displayed in each of these outlines shows a previous version of the Canvas Entry Step. For more on the new version of the Entry Step and the Entry Wizard, see the Create a Canvas page.

Onboarding - Restaurant reservation example

Restaurant Onboarding

Onboarding - Restaurant Reservation Example

  • What: Onboarding users to their first reservation
  • When: Triggered at session start
  • Who: All New Customers
  • Why: Perform custom event “completed reservation”
  • Where: Push, Email
  • How: Channel, Content (test)

Upsell - Music streaming example

Music Upsell Journey

Upsell - Music Streaming Example

  • What: Upgrading active freeloaders to basic premium subscription
  • When: Triggered after custom event of “milestone - 3 hours music streamed”
  • Who: All Active, but free customers
  • Why: Perform custom event: visit pricing page
  • Where: Push, Email, Webhook
  • How: Content, Discount

Cart abandonment - Clothing retail example

Cart Abandonment Journey

Cart Abandonment - Clothing Retail Example

  • What: Reminding customers of incomplete purchases
  • When: Triggered after custom event of “abandoned cart”
  • Who: All registered customers
  • Why: Make purchase
  • Where: Push, Email
  • How: Channel, Trigger (test)

Holiday travel - Airline example

Holiday Travel Journey

Holiday Travel - Airline

  • What: Educate customers on resources and prime them for good flight and airport experiences.
  • When: Scheduled daily until January 1st
  • Who: Customers booked for travel in two days with the app
  • Why: Session Start
  • Where: Push
  • How: Channel, Cadence (test)
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