Create, iterate, and test dynamic campaigns and customer journeys with Braze Canvas

A single, comprehensive interface

Canvas orchestration tool with single step
Canvas orchestration tool with many steps
Canvas is our intuitive customer journey tool, enabling brands to segment, orchestrate, personalize, and test messaging experiences—all in one place.

Create campaigns that listen as brilliantly as they deliver

Take your customer relationships to the next level with dynamic audience segmentation, action-based delivery, and real-time personalization.

31% Higher conversion rates in messaging strategies that use personalized content
267% Lift in conversion rates for messages triggered by user behavior instead of time-based delivery
642% Boost in engagement when executing a cross-channel strategy with Canvas

Dynamic segmentation

Say goodbye to static lists and batched messaging. Braze taps into your customers' real-time behaviors and preferences to power dynamic audiences that change as your customers do.

Journey orchestration

Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface guides you through the journey creation process. Single or complex, one channel or more, journeys deliver a more cohesive and personalized customer experience.

Flexible delivery

Add an action-based trigger that deploys your Canvas when the consumer completes a certain milestone within your campaign, or even outside of your app or website using the Braze API.

A/B testing

Without writing a single line of code, test variants against a control and automatically send out the winning one. Our Canvas analytics layer will capture which feature won and other performance metrics.