Feature Awareness and New App Version

You work hard to continually update and improve your app, and you want your users to experience these exciting new features and new app versions. Learn how to teach users about the new features they have yet to use, and encourage them to explore the app to get the most you have to offer.

Why Use Feature Awareness Campaigns

Feature awareness campaigns are a great way to encourage users to stay engaged with your app as you continue to improve your app’s functionality. Keeping users up to date is a great way to keep them active, boost ratings and ensure user engagement.

Targeting Filters

Most Recent App Version

Braze automatically tracks a user’s most recent app version which can be used to segment users who should update their app. You can set this filter to find users whose most recent app version is or is not a specific version of your app.

App Version Filter

Have Not Used Feature

When you release a new app version and introduce new features, users may not notice new content. Running a feature awareness campaign is a great way to teach users about new features or features they have never used. To do so you must create a custom attribute that is assigned to users who have never completed a certain action within your app or use a custom event to track a particular action. You can use this attribute (or event) to segment users that you want to sent the campaign to.

Best Practices

Be Convincing

Persuading a user to update their app or change the way they use your app can be difficult. Make sure the let them know all the benefits of the new version/features and how it will improve their experience with your app. Let them know all of the utility they will gain, and the benefits they will miss out on if they choose not to update or engage with new features.

Send at the Right Time

Convincing your users to update their app can be difficult as they must navigate to the app store to do so. In general, it is best to ask users to update as soon as the app is updated, however if they choose not to do not spam them with messages. Rather, wait until they have a positive experience within the app, for instance beating a level, redeeming a coupon, or favoriting a song.

For feature awareness campaigns, timing is also key. Onboarding should familiarize users with the app, however users may forget features or not notice new features that are added. When new features are added, be sure to let your users know. Hopefully users will discover new features easily, however if users are not engaging with major features within the app it may be best to remind them. Do so when they are engaging with your app and the unused feature would be of use.

Use Non-intrusive Channels

Because they are relatively intrusive, push notifications and emails that ask users to update can come off as needy if sent too often. Be sure to use a multi-channel strategy when making your request, focusing on in-app channels if possible. In-app messages and News Feed cards are less disruptive and easily ignored if the user doesn’t wish to update immediately. Be sure to include deep links to the appropriate app store. Simple in-app messages pointing out new features can be a great way to expose users to new content without getting in their way and cluttering them with messages.

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