Braze Customer Community

Join a collective of customer engagement experts.

The updated Braze Bonfire community is an extension of the Braze dashboard, designed to enhance your skills and help you achieve your customer engagement goals with the support of your peers in the digital marketing space.

Community Voices

  • "The Braze Bonfire community gives me the opportunity to connect with other marketers, developers, experts, power users, and storytellers to increase my knowledge of not only the Braze platform, but also lifecycle marketing broadly. As a team of one, the ability to ask questions and get real-time feedback from people facing some of the same situations has been key to my development."

    Barry James
    Lifecycle Marketing Manager
  • “I’ve used Braze across four or five companies across multiple industries and Braze Bonfire has been essential for me as I’ve learned about each place I’ve been. Someone asked me how I made the jump from consumer web to ecommerce and a big part of that is because of the Braze community as I’ve been able to ask the community for tips and guidance.”

    Georgia Price
    Director, Digital and CRM
  • "The Braze Bonfire community itself has opened so many doors for us. It helps us save time."

    Aitor Abonjo
    Head of CRM
  • “I’ve only been using Braze about two years but the Braze Bonfire community is what allowed me to pick up using it so fast. You can put your question in Braze Bonfire and get like 30 answers, and ask follow up questions.”

    Sean Collins
    VP, Growth Marketing

Bonfire Firesides with Flink

In the first episode of our reimagined community interviews, Bonfire Firesides, Braze President and CCO Myles Kleeger is sitting down with Aitor Abonjo, Head of CRM. Myles and Aitor are diving into why Flink focuses on retention rather than growth and how automation enables the team to personalize at scale.

Bonfire Firesides with Bilt Rewards

In the second episode of Bonfire Firesides, Braze President and CCO Myles Kleeger sits down with with Sean Collins, Director of Lifecycle Marketing at Bilt. Discover how Bilt uses multi-channel engagement to stand out in a sea of credit-card loyalty programs and uses personalized messaging to educate users on personal finance and how to use points toward a home down payment.

Bonfire Firesides with Pressed

In the third episode of Bonfire Firesides, Braze President and CCO Myles Kleeger sits down with Georgia Price, Director of CRM and Digital at Pressed. Learn how Braze helps reach juice customers where they are, across retail and messaging channels and get refreshing inspiration for omnichannel customer engagement in this lively conversation.

Bonfire Firesides with CarpeDM

It all started with Tech for Black Founders! Listen in as CarpeDM CMO and Co-Founder Sali Hama tells Myles Kleeger how Braze helps the dating app for Black professionals save precious dev hours, run more effective personalized campaigns, and gain valuable customer insights.

Bonfire Firesides with Everwash

Switching from a homegrown system to Braze transformed car-wash subscription service EverWash into a customer retention machine. In this month’s Bonfire Fireside, Nash Goudie, EverWash Digital Marketing and Comms Mgr, tells Myles Kleeger that Braze segmentation and personalization capabilities have improved results across all channels, from email to in-app messaging.

Bonfire Firesides with Blinkist

Book-summary subscription service Blinkist gains insight into customer preferences by leveraging Braze to automate multiple test campaigns. Long-time Braze user Matt Dyson, Head of CRM at Blinkist, shares how AI effectively super-sizes his team’s capabilities so they can experiment and learn what really works.