Braze Customer Community

Join a collective of customer engagement experts.

The Braze Bonfire community is an extension of the Braze dashboard, designed to enhance your skills and help you achieve your customer engagement goals with the support of your peers in the digital marketing space.

Community Voices

  • "The Braze Bonfire community gives me the opportunity to connect with other marketers, developers, experts, power users, and storytellers to increase my knowledge of not only the Braze platform, but also lifecycle marketing broadly. As a team of one, the ability to ask questions and get real-time feedback from people facing some of the same situations has been key to my development."

    Barry James
    Lifecycle Marketing Manager
  • “The Braze community is a great resource I strongly recommend to leverage. Sharing experiences and challenges help think out of the box and find actionable solutions, while getting inspired by what others do. Braze recently put great efforts in encouraging the exchanges within the community, both virtually (renewed Bonfire platform, knowledge share sessions) and in real life (conferences and events) that are incredibly enriching.”

    Guendalina Braga
    CRM & Automation Lead
  • "The Braze Bonfire community itself has opened so many doors for us. It helps us save time."

    Aitor Abonjo
    Head of CRM
  • “I’ve only been using Braze about two years but the Braze Bonfire community is what allowed me to pick up using it so fast. You can put your question in Braze Bonfire and get like 30 answers, and ask follow up questions.”

    Sean Collins
    VP, Growth Marketing