Embed a targeted, dynamic stream of rich content directly to your app or on your website without interrupting the customer experience


Enhance the customer experience seamlessly

Build this customizable channel directly into your app or website for a seamless experience that exists within your brand's platform, as opposed to on top of it. It's even proven to lift engagement rates across other channels when used as a central content feed.

34% Daily active user engagement for Grindr

Use Content Cards to share rich content at key moments

  • Onboard new customers
  • Showcase new content
  • Deliver promotions

A card for every customer

Share thoughtful, unobtrusive content that customers can engage with at their own speed.

Flexible delivery

Deliver every card at the right time with a variety of scheduling options from action-based triggers to regularly scheduled programming.

Create a personalized experience

Make every card count with personalized messaging based on each customer's real-time profile, preference, and real-world context.

Track your impact

Track the impact of this emerging channel against your brand’s goals with key metrics like the number of cards sent, total and unique impressions, clicks and dismissals, unique recipients, conversions, and revenue generated.

Alex Black

Content Cards In Action

“As part of our Pride Perseveres campaign, Content Cards gave us the flexibility to dynamically target and deliver customized events to our nearly five million daily active users around the world. The resulting Braze-powered UI accommodated everything from live performances and panels to free feature giveaways, tackling a variety of customer and brand needs within the same platform.”

Alex Black

Head of Marketing at Grindr

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