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Test and optimize your way to stronger email engagement

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French carpooling platform BlaBlaCar turned to our customer journey orchestration tool to plan and execute a targeted testing strategy–leading to a 20% boost in message open rates.
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Chart comparing blablacar's email open rates when sent from rare and common names in Russia and France

Harness the flexibility to pivot and innovate quickly

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When COVID-19 upended the travel industry, GetYourGuide leveraged Braze to quickly pivot their messaging and connect with users in the new normal. This shift bolstered engagement and more than doubled their email unique click-through rates while industry averages plummeted.
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“I'm happy that in these difficult times we have a CRM tool we can rely on. All our initiatives, tests, and iterations could be launched super quickly. We use the full set of four CRM channels to maximize our reach and ensure the highest relevance for our audience.”

Krzysztof Szymanski
CRM Lead at GetYourGuide

Optimize communications for smart customer service

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In-App Messages

Mobile Push Notifications

As the pandemic upended travel plans, turned to Braze to power a cross-channel messaging strategy capable of providing the swift, agile travel updates users needed to stay safe and sound.
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“During the early days of global pandemic, our customer service team had to focus their time to help customers with refunds, reschedule, and provide real-time updates with travel requirements changes. Together, our team and Braze provided the updates for the users in an accurate and timely fashion.”

Dyah Wulandari
VP of Performance Marketing at

Why customer engagement matters for travel & hospitality


Of adults in the US have stopped engaging with companies because of issues with how they use personal data

Respecting customer preferences and safeguarding privacy is essential to the long-term success of today's brands


Longer customer lifetime value for brands that use two channels to engage customers, instead of one

Keep your audience around by using the right mix of messaging options to speak to them where they are


Of marketing decision makers struggle to collect, integrate, and manage data

Meet that challenge by prioritizing your brand's data agility