Be Absolutely Engaging.™

Send SMS campaigns that convert.

With open rates as high as 98%, you can’t afford to keep SMS siloed from the rest of your channels. Bring SMS into your marketing mix and keep customers in the conversation.

See what’s next for text.

Increase revenue on mobile

Send personalized SMS/MMS messages that your customers want to receive and act on.

Eliminate point solutions

Save time and money by unifying SMS and every other digital channel under one centralized platform.

Scale confidently

Rapidly grow a healthy subscriber list and expand your SMS program reliably.

Foster brand loyalty

Engage high-value customers in the moments that matter.

Increase revenue on mobile

Create relevant, engaging texts.

Dynamic personalization

Create relevant, engaging texts with content that reflects your customers’ preferences and behaviors. Easily embed recommendations, promotions, loyalty points, alerts, and more.

Real-time triggers

Connect in the moments that matter. Trigger campaigns and user journeys based on real-time customer behaviors, campaign interactions, and backend updates. 

Comprehensive experimentation

Optimize for conversions. Send the SMS campaign that’s most likely to convert by leveraging robust A/B testing and automated, real-time optimization. 

Sweetgreen drives a 10% conversion rate with their Braze-powered SMS promotion code campaign

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Foster brand loyalty

Target high-value mobile customers.

Complete view of every customer

Understand and act on your rich zero- and first-party data. Send targeted SMS based on your customers’ preferences, behaviors, and cross-channel interactions.  

Flexible segmentation

Fine-tune your audiences. Target customers who are most likely to convert with real-time granular segments and filters.

AI-powered optimization

Connect with your mobile-first customers on their terms. Leverage AI to reach them on their preferred channel and deliver your SMS at the right time.

Effective retargeting

Use SMS click tracking to re-engage customers based on their past interactions and maximize performance with in-depth analytics.

FREENOW drove a 33% increase in sessions by activating lapsed users with SMS messages

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Scale confidently

Grow your SMS audience.

Ready-to-use list growth tools

Grow a healthy subscriber list. Leverage our no-code phone number capture form and turnkey workflows to build a highly engaged list of SMS subscribers. 

Built-in subscription management

Stay compliant. Automatically update subscription status changes in real-time with built-in keyword processing.

Platform stability

Scale your SMS program reliably. Expand your SMS use cases and audience sizes with a platform engineered to handle high-volume promotional and transactional sends to 200+ countries. 

Guided SMS onboarding

Partner with SMS experts. Build and expand your SMS program with our high-touch onboarding process and implement best practices with guidance from our dedicated SMS team.

Eliminate point solutions

Optimize spend across SMS and other channels.

Channel consolidation

Eliminate point solutions and channel silos. Optimize marketing spend by pairing SMS with other conversion-driving channels, including email, push, in-app messages, and more. 

Cross-channel journey orchestration

Create customer-centric experiences. Build seamless campaigns with SMS and other channels and manage cross-channel interactions with intuitive journey orchestration.

Dynamic ad integrations

Reduce paid ad waste by connecting your owned and paid channels. Dynamically suppress ads the instant a customer converts on SMS or any other channel.  

Cross-channel performance insights

Double down on high-performing strategies. Leverage campaign-level, SMS program-level, and cross-channel reporting to make data-driven decisions that maximize revenue.

“We’ve been really impressed with how Braze has enabled us to advance our customer communication strategies across email, SMS and mobile channels. The cross-channel integrations and targeting capabilities continue to be crucial.”

Victoria Mitchell CRM Channel Strategy at Pizza Hut

Foster brand loyalty

Create consistent, on-brand SMS experiences.

Branded SMS

Stay top of mind. Make your texts easily recognizable with SMS Contact Cards and foster customer trust with custom domains that reflect your brand identity.

Interactive campaigns

Spark up a conversation. Create real-time, two-way campaigns and user journeys powered by custom keyword processing. 

Loyalty integrations

Ensure that your marketing messages contain the latest loyalty status, points, and other customer information.

Sunnyside uses two-way SMS to check in with their members and support healthier drinking habits

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