Changing Your Canvas After Launch

This reference article covers the different aspects of a Canvas that can be changed after the initial launch.

Initial Conditions

Editable Not-Editable
Canvas Name and Description Conversion Events
Teams and Tags  
Entry Type  
Entry Schedule  
Entry Controls  
Subscription Status  
Rate Limiting  
Frequency Capping  
Quiet Hours  
Target Audience  

Canvas Graph

Editable Not-Editable
Stop / Resume Execution of All Canvas Steps Deleting Steps
Insert Canvas Steps Deleting Variants
Add New Connections Deleting Connections
Add New Variants  
Variant Distribution*  

*Control variant distribution may only be decreased after launch.

Individual Step

Editable Not-Editable
Name Schedule Type (change from delay to trigger)
Message Content Control Percentages
Step Message Platforms (add/delete)  
Exception Events  
Delays / Windows  

Making Edits Post Launch

There are a number of things to know if you plan to edit or add more steps to any other step in Canvas after launching:

  • Users who have not yet entered the Canvas will be eligible for newly created steps.
  • Users who have already passed newly created steps will be eligible next time they re-enter if you have allowed users to re-enter the Canvas in Canvas Entry Settings.
  • Users who are currently in a Canvas, but have not reached the points where new steps are added will be eligible to receive those new steps.
  • You cannot edit or delete existing connections nor can you insert a step between existing connected steps once a Canvas is launched.
  • If you update the Delay or Window for a step, only new users entering the Canvas and users that haven’t been queued for that step yet will receive the message at the updated delay.

Canvas Variant Percentages

In Canvas, if a variant percentage is modified, you will find that the users may be redistributed to other variants.

Initially, users are randomly assigned a particular variant before receiving a campaign for the first time. From then on, each successive time the campaign is received (or the user re-enters a Canvas variant)—they will receive the same variant unless the variant percentages are modified.

If the variant percentages change, users may be redistributed to other variants. Users stay in these variants until percentages are modified again.

Control Groups

Control groups remain consistent if the variant percentage is unchanged. Users who previously received messages cannot enter the control group on a later send, nor can any user in the control group ever receive a message.

Local Send Time

Local send time Canvases can be edited up to 24 hours prior to the schedules send time. This window is called is “safe zone”. Note that if you intend to make changes to your Canvas that require you to make a new Canvas entirely, remember to exclude users who received the first Canvas and re-adjust the Canvas schedule times to allow for time zone sending.

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