Active User Campaigns

Reaching out to already active users of your app can be a powerful tool in helping to build a dedicated following of consistent app users. A little bit of personalized recognition of your power users can turn them into evangelists for your app.

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Step 1: Identifying Your Top Users

Using Braze’s selection of filters, create a user segment that you feel encompasses your most loyal, consistent user base. A sample segment to define your top users is shown below.

Define top users

Additionally, you will not have to continue updating this segment, as users who pass in or out of the campaign’s restrictions will be correspondingly targeted or dismissed.

The example above segments users by general app usage. In most cases, the total collection of filters needed to define your top user segment will largely be defined by the specificities of your app.

Step 2: Reach Out to Your Top Users

Make Your Users Feel Appreciated

Make your users feel appreciated by thanking them for their loyalty and dedication to your app. To encourage further activity, give your users more reasons to keep coming back to your app. This can take the form of special deals or bonuses exclusively for your top users. Unexpected rewards can be more effective at encouraging continued user actions than if you had promised them from the start!

Congrats Push

Keep Track of Your Results

Keep track of opens to ensure that you are targeting the proper collection of users with the optimal message type. Additionally, keep track of any push opt-outs and be wary of losing these crucial users.

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