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Create dynamic, cross-channel experiences that connect users with the content and events they love

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Deliver rich experiences across traditional and digital channels

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In-App Messages

Mobile Push Notifications


iHeartRadio Australia stitched together conventional media and digital channels to deliver a captivating customer experience and boost monthly active users by 17%.
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Personalize experiences to welcome, retain, and win back customers

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In-App Messages

Mobile Push Notifications

Showmax launched a data-driven strategy to deliver personalized and engaging cross-channel messages that increased subscribers by 204%, boosted their retention rate by 71%, and lifted their win-back rate by 12%.
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Boost engagement and drive acquisition

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Web Push

NASCAR used web push notifications to boost engagement and page views for their high-quality web content, and to encourage users to download and visit their mobile app.
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Why customer engagement matters for media & entertainment


Increase in sessions per user for brands that use multiple channels to engage customers, instead of just one

For media and entertainment brands, sending outreach in multiple channels can be a powerful way to boost engagement


Rise in customer lifetime value when brands engage users across multiple channels

Media and entertainment users invest more in your brand when you communicate effectively with them


Longer customer retention when brands leverage cross-channel messaging campaigns

Media and entertainment brands that take advantage of cross-channel messaging build stronger, more sustainable relationships with their users