Create personalized and dynamic email experiences across the customer lifecycle

Send the right email at the right time with unified data, 360 user profiles, action-triggered segmentation, and drag & drop email creation.

Decades later, still a customer engagement juggernaut

Email remains one of the most effective marketing channels, boasting an ROI as high as 42:1

295B Emails sent by Braze customers around the globe in FY23
5.4B+ Emails sent over Black Friday to Cyber Monday in 2022
9X Higher unique click rates over industry benchmarks using Braze Email

Get your audience right

Live audience segmentation means no outdated lists, no additional queries—just precise, real-time audiences that you can build directly in Braze. Plus, our Intelligent Channel selection ensures you send messages to people who prefer email to other channels.

Create better emails quickly

Easily build triggered, lifecycle, and automated cross-channel journeys with Braze Canvas, our customer engagement tool.

Leverage smart send times

Not sure when to send? Braze can choose for you using our Intelligent Timing send-time optimization feature.

Rich, dynamic, contextual content

Braze Email makes one-to-one and one-to-many personalization effortless. Take advantage of live customer profiles and campaign interaction data, and leverage intuitive composition tools to enrich messages with first- and third-party data.

Test to optimize

Easily test a range of options, from subject line to template, send time to target audience. AI tools can select and serve the winning variants for continuous optimization, and instant performance views help you tailor your email program for success.

Make the inbox interactive

Engage customers with personalized, interactive content they can act on without leaving their inboxes. Braze now supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Email, an open source framework from Google.

Catherine Allen

Email In Action

“The design process with Braze was interesting, as thinking interaction-first forces you to make the interactive elements front and center. We're certainly going to be experimenting with more interactive emails over the next year.”

Catherine Allen

Associate Director of CRM at Babylon Health

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