Be Absolutely Engaging.™

Make email feel brand new.

Breathe new life into this highly-effective marketing standard with personalized, dynamic email experiences that drive revenue and create that  “Wow, this was written just for me!” feel.

Who says you can’t teach a classic channel new tricks?

Drive higher conversions

Deliver truly relevant emails that boost customer engagement, satisfaction, customized conversions, and revenue.

Save time and money

Get promotional, lifecycle, and transactional emails out the door faster and with fewer headaches.

Scale reliably

Take your email program to new heights without sacrificing deliverability and performance.

Create joy in every inbox

Let your creativity shine through with emails designed to stand out in a crowded inbox and increase brand affinity.

“Every reference customer called out Braze’s personalization capabilities – with good reason.”

The Forrester Wave™

Email Marketing Service Providers, Q1 2022

Email built to scale for businesses of any size.

Drive higher conversions

Deliver engaging emails that deliver conversions.

Real-time triggers

Automatically trigger emails based on real-time customer behaviors, cross-channel interactions, and live updates happening within your tech systems. 

Next-best action

Tailor email journeys across the funnel—be it a perfectly-timed nudge or a dynamic flow that adapts to customers and guides them to their next best action.

Dynamic personalization

Embed products, content, promotions, recommendations, and more into emails to give every customer the information that’s most useful to them.

AMP for Email

Deliver highly engaging and interactive experiences directly within the email inbox.

3X higher open rates than industry benchmarks

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Save time and money

Take the complicated out of building creative campaigns.

Easy drag-and-drop editing

Quickly compose on-brand emails in minutes with an intuitive visual editor. Choose custom fonts, colors, and other styles to match brand guidelines.

Ready-to-use templates

Use pre-built email templates, custom email content blocks, and other reusable content and design elements to save time.

Custom content with generative AI

Kickstart the email copywriting, image generation, and QA process with an AI advisor.

Dedicated creative services

Speed up email production and set your creative apart with a Braze team that handles existing email asset migration and net-new email creation.

Reduces campaign build time by 85%

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Scale reliably

Stability you can trust as your audience grows.

Performance at scale

Be confident in an email platform with a track record of reliability—no matter how large your audience and send volume grows.

Email deliverability

Stay out of the spam folder and maintain a stellar email reputation with a customized IP warming plan, on-demand monitoring, and a team of ISP and deliverability experts.

Increases weekly send volumes from 30M to 50M while maintaining 99% deliverability

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Create joy in every inbox

Treat subscribers like people, not static lists.

Complete view of every subscriber

Unify first-party data from any source to understand real-time and historical customer preferences, behaviors, conversion likelihood, and interactions across platforms and channels.

Subscription and preference management

Manage email subscription statuses and create customized preference centers so you can email the right people with the right content.

Flexible segmentation

Build and reach any audience you can imagine. Tap into 100+ out-of-the-box filters or use a flexible SQL composer to reach the right subscriber.

“We went from sending a single static message to our entire audience at once, to sending a series of messages that responded to our audience's behavior and reached them when they were most likely to engage.”

Seth Gourson Marketing Manager at Lumos Labs

Drive higher conversions

Fine-tune your email strategy.

Comprehensive experimentation

Easily test and optimize every part of your email strategy to find what works—from subject-line, message copy, frequency, and everything in between.

Robust analytics and reporting

Measure and evaluate the success of your entire email program, journeys, campaigns, and individual sends with Braze and the other analytics tools you’re already using.

AI-powered optimization

Achieve better results in one click. Automatically optimize email campaigns by sending subscribers the message designed to drive the most engagement and conversions.

Effortless expansion to other channels

Follow customers wherever they go. Start building your customer engagement strategy with email and expand over time to drive greater conversions on SMS, mobile, web, and paid ads.

“Three years in, we’ve used Braze to test and optimize messaging cadence, creative, audience targeting, content choice, and more to become very relevant to our consumer experience of Peacock.”

Annabella Goff Sr. Director, CRM at Peacock

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Email volumes - Braze sent ~300 billion emails last year


Emails sent over Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2023 with 99.99% uptime

Are you a channel short and a dollar late?

Braze operates with sub-second latency—not batch-and-blast—so you can generate the right engagement in the right moment to yield the most valuable results.