It is extremely important to always test your in-app messages before sending your campaigns. Our preview and testing capabilities offer two ways to take a look at your in-app messages. You can preview your message, to help you visualize as you compose it, as well as send a test message to your or a specific user’s device. We recommend you take advantage of both.


You can preview your in-app message as you compose it. This should help you visualize what your final message will look like from your user’s perspective.

In-app message generation peview

Preview what your message will look like to a random user, a specific user, or a customized user - the latter two are especially useful if your message contains personalization or multiple languages. You can also preview messages for either mobile devices or tablets to get a better idea of what users will experience.


Braze has three generations of in-app messages available. You can fine-tune to which devices your messages should be sent, based on which Generation they support.



Preview message as user

You can also preview messages from the Test tab, as though you were a user. You can select a specific user, a random user, or create a custom user.


Test checklist

  • Do the images and media show up and act as expected?
  • Does the Liquid function as expected? Have you accounted for a default attribute value in the event that the Liquid returns no information?
  • Is your copy clear, concise, and correct?
  • Do your buttons direct the user where they should go?
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