Automate your customer engagement efforts with in-the-moment iteration and AI


Braze Predictive Suite

The Braze Predictive Suite puts machine learning tools in the hands of marketers, empowering them to effectively leverage and act on data directly within our comprehensive customer engagement platform.

Predictive Churn

Identify and message at-risk customers proactively with this customizable machine learning model that marketers can build for themselves.

Predictive Purchases

Easily identify users with a high propensity to buy with this easy-to-use machine learning model.

Intelligence Suite

Use the Braze Intelligence Suite to get the what, where, and when of every campaign and Canvas journey just right.

Intelligent Timing

Our send-time optimization feature allows marketers to send messages at the times they're most likely to be engaged with.

Intelligent Channel

Build cross-channel experiences that deliver messages on the channel which a customer is most likely to engage with based on past message interaction trends.

Intelligent Selection

This machine learning algorithm strategically redistributes users between campaign creatives or customer journey variants based on how each has performed over time.

Machine learning accelerates your customer engagement efforts

Braze automates the small decisions for you so you can focus on major milestones. We support billions of cohesive, personalized experiences.

28% Lift in push open rates with Intelligent Timing
90% Of consumers are annoyed when they receive messages that are not personally relevant to them
59% Higher likelihood for action-based emails to be opened than time-based emails
Kevin Wang

Optimization in Action

“AI and machine learning can still be perceived as cumbersome and difficult to figure out. With Braze Predictive Suite and our streamlined Intelligence Suite, we’re aiming to provide brands a platform that is both effective and easy to use, and in turn, brands will add more value with each customer interaction and campaign they create.”

Kevin Wang

SVP, Product at Braze