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Craft timely, relevant experiences that motivate customers to stay engaged

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Celebrate streaks with personalization across multiple channels

Product Feature


In-App Messages

Liquid Personalization

Mobile Push Notifications

Customer Journey

Fitness and nutrition app 8fit gamified user engagement through messages promoting workout streaks with Braze Liquid Personalization, driving a 13% increase in free users converting to paid memberships.
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Drive more purchases with gamification

Product Feature

In-App Messages

Sephora SEA used Braze streaming data and customization to cut through the noise of a crowded, highly competitive market. To capture customers' attention, the created "Angpao" messages inspired by traditional Lunar New Year red envelopes and boosted purchases by 132%.
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Sephora logo and examples of angpao in-app messages

Boost revenue with data-driven A/B testing

Product Feature

Mobile Push Notifications

Customer Journey

Gaming brand Kolibri used Braze-powered A/B testing and optimization to assess the impact of potential product changes, supporting a more impactful, more appealing customer experience and boosting revenue by 15%
Kolibri logo and generic view of a canvas with multiple branches

“By taking advantage of Braze and Looker together, we’ve been able to be much more intentional about assessing the impact of every new feature in one of our games. The result has been extraordinary—allowing us to effectively mitigate risk while maximizing profit at the same time.”

Daniel Reichert
Product Director at Kolibri

Build Brand Humanity by Mastering Empathy at Scale


Consumers are 1.7 times more likely to “love” brands that provide human experiences


Users are 1.8 times more likely to say they “are satisfied” with brands that provide experiences that feel human


Customers are 1.7 times more likely to purchase from brands that offer human experiences

Why customer engagement matters for increasing engagement


More likely that a user makes a purchase if they receive messages

If you want to make the most of your customer relationships, they need to be built on communication


Of brands that rank their customer engagement efforts as "excellent" exceed revenue goals

True engagement requires the right plan, technology, and data—plus a smidgen of self-confidence


More purchases per customer when brands use cross-channel messaging to communicate with users

Take advantage of the full range of outreach tools, so you don't miss out on revenue