• Braze account.
  • OneLogin account.

Step 1: Configure OneLogin

  1. Log into OneLogin. Click on Administration.
  2. Go to Apps > Add Apps in the top navigation bar. Search for “saml test connector” and select SAML Test Connector (Advanced).
  3. Name your app (include “Braze” in the Display name for easier distinction) and save it. The SSO configuration steps do not show until you save the app.
  4. Go to Apps > Company Apps. You should see your app listed.
  5. Click on your app to configure it.
  6. Go to the Configuration tab first and fill out the appropriate information. The RelayState field should be your Braze API Key that you can create in the Braze dashboard. This is the only field specific to IdP initiated login.
  7. Set the attributes on the parameter page.
  8. Copy the Certificate and URL needed to set up the Braze dashboard from under the SSO tab.

Braze API Key

Create your Braze API Key with sso.saml.login permission enabled.

SSO Set Up

Attribute Requirements

SAML Attribute Required? Accepted SAML Attributes
emailAddress Required email
first_name Optional first_name
last_name Optional last_name

Step 2: Configure Braze

  1. Log into your Braze account using an admin account.
  2. Click on the drop down from your user name in the upper right corner, select Company Settings.
  3. Select the Security Settings tab.
  4. Turn on the SAML SSO switch.
  5. Enter the SAML Name which will appear as the button text on the login screen. This is typically your IdP name.
  6. Enter the Target URL from the OneLogin Admin Dashboard.
  7. Enter the Certificate with the x.509 Certificate you downloaded from the OneLogin Admin Dashboard (open the file, copy, and paste).
  8. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.
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