Postmates uses Braze to keep its business running with confidence. The on-demand "anything" app works with Currents to optimize messaging-in-motion and increase impact in real time for both consumers and its fleet.

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OkCupid uses Braze to keep the sparks flying everywhere. The dating app uses real-time data insights to stay in the moment and maintain amazing chemistry with millions of users a month.

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Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero uses Braze to keep customers satisfied across the globe. This on-demand food delivery brand delivers amazing messaging experiences that scale across cultures, languages, and more.

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Rakuten (formerly Ebates)

Rakuten (formerly Ebates) uses Braze to make sure members get offers in the moments that matter to them individually. This cashback website uses Canvas to more effectively personalize offers to customers, targeting their content to different audiences at important lifecycle touchpoints. 

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MINDBODY uses Braze to engage audiences like never before. This leading technology platform for fitness, beauty and wellness services uses Canvas to communicate across channels throughout the customer journey, helping them connect with more customers at a deeper level.

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American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society (ACS) uses Braze to keep engagement thoughtful and fresh. This nonprofit delivers messaging experiences that feel as good as the work they do.

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Dots uses Braze to talk to every customer like an individual. Engagement? This gaming app tops the leaderboard. Lifted revenue and LTV? Bonus points.

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Urban Outfitters

Sky's the limit at Urban Outfitters. And rightfully so: they count on the Braze platform—hosted and architected on AWS—to deliver brand experiences that exceed expectations and raise LTV campaign after campaign.

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If you ask around, Ibotta has amazing intuition. This cash-rebate brand uses Braze to gather insights in real time and optimize messaging on the fly.

Tell me more uses Braze to grow their engagement with segmentation and personalization. This eCommerce brand also trims the thorns of cart abandonment with strategic experimentation.

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Transform Customer Engagement with In-the-Moment Personalization.

How Braze clients use our dynamic content tool, Connected Content, to send rich, relevant, personalized content, all at scale.

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Today’s top global brands are sending tens of billions of messages per month to over 1 billion monthly active users with Braze.