Burger King

For Burger King, the goal was clear: Boost usage of their mobile app and drive stronger engagement with their brand by embracing the creativity and innovation that today’s build-for-purpose marketing technology stack makes possible.

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During the COVID-19 health crisis, leading online graphic design platform Canva was looking to send more valuable emails to their millions of users across the world. Check out how they used Braze to send localized, engaging emails at scale.

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Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero, one of the leading global food ordering and delivery marketplaces, delivers restaurant meals, groceries, and more to customers across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and North America. The company isn’t just dropping off meals and groceries: It’s using Braze to deliver fun, relevant messages to customers and improve redemption rates by 3X.

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Happy Fresh

Dedicated to a customer-first approach, Jakarta-based online grocery delivery platform HappyFresh needed to quickly solve for the new ordering problems brought on by COVID-19. Using Braze, they built a solution in two days, which saw a 33% purchase rate.

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To drive more value and app engagement, Ibotta uses Braze to send its users a customized shopping list every Friday. This personalized email helps drive a 15% open rate as well as an 8% conversion rate that is 2x higher than their previous campaign.

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The rise of the cloud has been transformational for modern business, making it possible for brands of all sizes to build and grow their digital operations effectively at a global scale. And as one of the major players in the cloud computing space, it’s important for IBM to build and maintain strong relationships with the businesses and other organizations who use the more than 150 products and services that make up its IBM Cloud suite.

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NASCAR cars can reach up to 200 mph—and fans consume content even quicker than that. Check out how NASCAR.com achieved web push open rates up to 13.5%.

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In today’s fast-moving retail and eCommerce landscape, it can be helpful to learn by example—and few brands provide a better example to follow than Overstock.com. Check out how they boosted conversion rates to 21% and open rates to 38%, which is 3x higher than the industry average.

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Sephora SEA

An influencer in ecommerce and retail, Sephora has over 2,600 stores in 34 countries worldwide. Check out how the Southeast Asia branch of the beauty brand increased purchases in its Malaysia market by 132% using customized in-app messages and streaming data powered by Braze.

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Check out these additional success stories for more examples of the power of Braze.

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Today’s top global brands are sending tens of billions of messages per month to over 1 billion monthly active users with Braze.