Legal Information

We're commmitted to rigorous compliance and privacy protections — and exceeding industry standards

Why compliance matters to us

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in May 2018. Braze is committed to GDPR compliance as part of our unwavering dedication to data security and client protection.

Responsible data processing

Braze acts as a data processor for our clients. Because of this, our Chief Technology Officer works closely with key leaders and external advisors to ensure ongoing compliance with data processor obligations under GDPR.

Enterprise-grade security

Feel confident with our top-tier security program. We have systems in place that ensure strong security and protected access to customer data.

Easy response to individual legal requests

Braze has processes and policies established to help you easily respond to individual data subject requests, such as a customer’s access to their personal data, or an objection to the processing of that data.

Data privacy and governance

Our Chief Technology Officer, General Counsel and other senior leaders work diligently to lead the charge on privacy and compliance at Braze.