Send time-sensitive CTAs or reengage lapsed customers with mobile or web push notifications

Best-of-breed performance, at any scale

Our infrastructure enables brands of all sizes to scale up without sacrificing performance. Take the biggest shopping day in 2020 for example.

2.3 billion Push notifications sent on Black Friday
2.1 billion Push notifications sent on Cyber Monday
100% uptime

Never miss an update with Live Activities

Keep your users in the loop with iOS Live Activities. Instead of fleeting back-to-back notifications about delivery orders, sporting events, election results, and other live events, Live Activities display persistent, real-time updates right on the iPhone Lock Screen. With Braze handling the API and push token management, it’s easy to engage users in the moments that matter.

Compose journeys with ease

Act fast with simple ways to create, personalize, and target your messages.

Onboard and convert new users

Urge new customers to familiarize themselves with your app and complete their registration flow. Push notifications help you turn app installers into app-loyalists and repeat purchasers.

Retain and win back customers

Announce new features or clock-ticking offers to bring disengaged users back to your app. These messages generally carry a high sense of urgency and are optimal for re-engaging lapsed customers or those at risk of churn.

Speak their language

Use dynamic segmentation tags to change content of your push messages based on a customer's language preference, or other behaviors and attributes.