Location Targeting

Braze’s location targeting feature allows you to specifically segment users based off of their most recent location.

Step 1: Create your Segment

Under the Engagement header on the dashboard, click the Segments bar to view all of your current user segments. On this page, you can create and name new segments as shown below.

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Step 2: Customize your Location

Once you have created your segment, add a “Most Recent Location” filter to target users by the last place that they used your app(s). You have the option of either highlighting users in a standard circular region or a customizable polygonal region.

Create Segment

Circular Regions

For circular regions, you can move the origin and adjust the location radius for your segmentation.

Circular Region

Polygonal Regions

For polygonal regions, you can more specifically designate which areas you wish to be included in your segment.

Polygonal Region 1

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