Email Reporting

Braze provides you with a detailed report of each of your email campaigns. Navigate to the Campaigns tab on your dashboard and select your desired campaign to open the Details tab. On this page, you will be able to comprehensively view and analyze the success of your campaign in an organized format. Here, you will also be able to adjust the date filter of your report. Please note that updating this filter will result in your report only displaying events that happened during your selected date range.

Additionally, you can see how successful different links in a single email campaign are using heat maps. Under Email Performance, expand the Total Clicks dropdown and click View Heat Map to bring up a visual view of your email that shows the overall frequency and location of clicks within the lifespan of the campaign. Note that date ranges are not taken into consideration for email heat maps.


If you want to see what our metrics mean, check out our Email Analytics Glossary.

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