Prep Guide

Before you start building your in-app message, you should consider a few of the following topics so building your message is quick and easy.

General Considerations

  • If you are building in campaigns, how many variants of this message would you like to display?
  • If you are building in Canvas, will this message be paired with other messaging channels in that step?
  • When would you like your message to expire?

Targeting Considerations

  • In-app messages are best for users who regularly visit your app, are you including this audience?
  • Where do you want your users to meet your message? In your Web app? In your mobile app?
  • Which event triggers this message?
  • Are any of your users using older versions of your app? If so, they might not be able to see some elements of your message. Learn more here.
  • What type of device or devices are you building this message for? Remember, you can preview your message using our Preview box or Test tab.

Content Considerations

  • Which languages will you be using in this message?
  • What is your Header and Body copy? Are they eye-catching and relevant to your user?
  • Is your copy concise and memorable, as in-app messages only appear for a set amount of time?
  • Will you be using Liquid to build more custom copy?
  • Is your image or other media within the Safe Zone?

Conversion Considerations

  • What is your goal for this message? How can you represent that in your message?
  • Do your button options offer options that make sense to your user? What is your primary call to action?
  • Are you deep-linking to other in-app content? Are you using this in-app message to send and accept a permission or push priming request?
  • Do you have a message exit option? If not, you can always copy and paste this snippet to create a quick button: <a href="appboy://close">X</a> .
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