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Braze Currents

Understanding the impact of your engagement strategy is critical in informing your iteration and optimization of your communications with your users. To ensure that this valuable engagement data is tightly integrated with the rest of your operations and help amplify your investment in data science, the Braze platform tracks a wide array of event data from your integration for analysis, retargeting, and other use cases elsewhere within your own systems.

The Currents tool is a real-time data stream of your engagement events that is the most robust, yet granular export out of the Braze platform. It provides you data in an Avro file type to one of our many data partners, empowering you to use the unique and valuable data Braze creates to power your BI and analytics efforts in other best-in-class platforms.

Currents capabilities

Currents allow you to:

  • Stream Braze event data into a data warehouse or to one of our analytics partners for detailed analysis.
  • Stream Braze event data continuously to power business intelligence tools, machine learning algorithms, and more.
  • Route Braze event data to a variety of other systems using Tealium, Segment or mParticle.

There’s so much more you can do with event data, accessed by Currents. Trust us—Braze uses Currents too!

Access Currents

A Currents connector is already included in many of our pro and enterprise-level packages. If you’re interested in using Currents, reach out to your account manager. Your account manager and our data specialists can assist in your Currents setup and integration.

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