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Collecting user opt-ins

The following article lists some common SMS opt-in methods.

Option 1: Ask users to text your short or long code

Ask users to text “START”, “UNSTOP”, “YES”, or a custom opt-in keyword to your number to automatically add them to your subscription group. On your website, mobile app, or even advertising, you can request users do this to opt-in, and you can offer an incentive if it’s helpful.

Option 2: Users opt-in via in-app message

If you would like users to opt-in to SMS from an in-app message, see the implementation steps below. We recommend testing this first in a staging app group.

  1. Launch an in-app or in-browser message campaign that requests a user’s phone number, encouraging them to opt-in. When a user clicks submit, you will need to log a new custom event like phone_number_captured.

  2. Next, leverage Canvas to opt the user in officially and send a confirmation. Set the entry of the Canvas as action-based on the custom event phone_number_captured trigger which was logged from the in-app message above. You can also target users where “External user ID is not blank” and any other relevant attributes for the entry audience, as necessary.

  3. Add a webhook to the /subscription/status/set endpoint as the first Canvas step. This puts the user’s phone number into the subscription group to officially opt them in.

  4. The second and final step of the Canvas is an SMS confirmation to the users, confirming their opt-in status.

Option 3: Sign-up flow

When a new user signs up or registers on the website or app, ask for their phone number and email. Include a checkbox to receive promotional emails and SMS. Once the user signs up, leverage the /subscription/status/set endpoint:

POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR-REST-API-KEY' \
--data-raw '{
  "subscription_group_id": "xyz-abcd-1234567",
  "subscription_state": "subscribed",
  "external_id": "external_identifier",
  "phone": "+12223334444"
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