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Influenced opens

Push notifications are a good way to catch users’ attention and increase engagement. Often that is through direct opens when users click on the notification and are sent to the app. However, the behavior of users who do not click the message may still be influenced by your push campaigns. Braze provides data on influenced opens to provide a richer level of detail into the effect of your push campaigns.

At their base, influenced opens measure the number of users who open the app after receiving a notification without clicking on the notification. Because there is no direct action linking the notification to the app open, an influenced open is awarded if the user opens the app less than 30 minutes after receiving the push notification or under half the average time since the user’s last session.

For example, say you send a push to users of a messaging app, and you have a group of users who don’t click through the notification. If a user who normally opens the app 30 times a day opens the app 6 hours after receiving the push, the push will get little to no credit for influencing the open. However, if a user who normally uses the app once a month opens the app 6 hours after receiving the push, the open would have a much better chance of being counted as an influenced open.

This differs from setting app opens as a conversion event for a push campaign. For conversions, all opens within the conversion window will be attributed to the campaign. Influenced opens set a time window and attribution credit based on an individual user’s behavior.

Campaign details

Influenced opens are added to the direct opens of a campaign to give a number of total opens. This can be seen on a push campaign’s Details page. Total opens and direct opens are shown in the Message Performance and Historical Performance sections. Influenced opens are the difference between the two measures.

Influenced opens statistics on the Campaign Details page for a campaign

For more information on tracking opens, check out the conversion tracking section of our best practices for push.

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