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Exporting segment data to CSV

To request a CSV export of user data from a segment, click the User Data dropdown while editing a segment and select to export either the user data or email addresses for the segment.

You can also request a CSV export from the main Segments page by clicking the Settings dropdown for a segment:

The CSV output contains the data from each user profile captured in the segment at the time of export. You can export any segment by clicking the gear icon and CSV export. Braze will generate the report in the background and email it to the user who is currently logged in.

If you’ve linked your Amazon S3 credentials to Braze, the CSV will instead be uploaded in your S3 bucket under the key segment-export/SEGMENT_ID/YYYY-MM-dd/ The link emailed to you will expire after one day of exporting and requires that you are logged into the dashboard for access.

Data included in export

The following is included in your export depending on your selection.

CSV Export User Data

Field Name Description
Appboy ID Internal ID (cannot be changed)
country Country
created_at Date and time when the user profile was created
devices Device information
date_of_birth Date of birth
email Email address
unsubscribed_from_emails_at Date unsubscribed from emails
user_id External ID
first_name First name
first_session Date and time of first session
gender Gender
google_ad_ids Google advertising IDs associated with the user
city City
IDFAs Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) values
IDFVs Identifier for Vendor (IDFV) values
language Language in ISO-639-1 standard
last_app_version_used Last version of the app used
last_name Last name
last_session Date and time of last session
number_of_google_ad_ids Count of associated Google advertising IDs
number_of_IDFAs Count of associated IDFAs
number_of_IDFVs Count of associated IDFVs
number_of_push_tokens Count of associated push notification tokens
number_of_roku_ad_ids Count of associated Roku advertising IDs
number_of_windows_ad_ids Count of associated Windows advertising IDs
phone_number Phone number
opted_into_push_at Date opted into push notifications
unsubscribed_from_push_at Date unsubscribed from push notifications
random_bucket Random bucket number
roku_ad_ids Roku advertising IDs
session_count Total number of sessions
timezone User’s time zone in the same format as the IANA Time Zone Database
in_app_purchase_total Total amount spent on in-app purchases
user_aliases User aliases, if any
windows_ad_ids Windows advertising IDs
Custom events Based on selection at export
Custom attributes Based on selection at export

CSV Export Email Addresses

Field Name Description
user_id User’s external ID
first_name First name
last_name Last name
email Email
unsubscribed_from_emails_at Email unsubscribe date
opted_in_to_emails_at Email opt-in date
user_aliases User aliases, if any
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