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Exporting usage analytics

The Home page of the dashboard contains high-level data of app usage, as well as detailed statistics of different KPIs by date.

To obtain CSVs of information from this page:

  1. Set the time frame and apps you want to view data for. By default, the dashboard shows the last 30 days of data for all apps.

Time period and app fields on the Home dashboard.

  1. Scroll down to the Performance Over Time graph.
  2. Select the data you’d like to export in the Statistics For field. See the available data for you to export.

Performance Over Time graph on the Home dashboard.

  1. Click and select your export option.

Available data

You can export CSVs with the following data:

  • Session Count by Date
    • (Optional) Session Count for Different Segments
    • (Optional) Session Count for Different App Versions
  • DAUs by Date
    • (Optional) DAUs for Different Segments
  • Email Statistics by Date
    • Number of Emails Sent
    • Number of Emails Delivered
    • Number of Emails Opened
    • Number of Email Clicks
    • Number of Email Bounces
    • Number of Emails Reported as Spam
  • In-App Messages by Date
    • Number of In-App Messages Sent
    • In-App Message Impressions
    • Number of In-App Messages Opened
  • MAUs by Date
  • Number of New Users by Date
  • News Feed Impressions by Date
  • Push Notifications by Date
    • (Optional) Push Notifications for Different App Platforms
    • Number of Push Notifications Sent
    • Total Opens
    • Direct Opens
    • Bounces
  • Session Count by Hour
  • Session Count per MAU by Date
  • Stickiness by Date
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