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Event naming conventions

Ensuring consistency in your event and attribute taxonomy during your Braze integration will keep your data clean and usable for new and existing users of the Braze platform. This helps to avoid issues later on that can trigger a campaign to the wrong audience or cause discrepancies in results from using the wrong event.

Best practices

  • Keep your naming convention clear.
  • Use consistent casing and formatting of event names.
  • Avoid giving events similar names.
  • Avoid long event attribute strings, which will be truncated or cut off in the Braze dashboard.

Naming conventions

Use event groups

Use groups to differentiate parts of your product to name events. By categorizing your product into groups, any user can clearly understand what the event is referring to and what it does.

Event naming structure

The most common naming structure is group_noun_action. Events should all be lowercase to avoid casing instrumentation errors and identifying properties.


Tag one event and then identify differences by using properties. This is helpful for events that are inherently the same but have minor differences, such as channels for a campaign. We can also easily see how users flow through events. Refer to the event properties object for an example and additional context.

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