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Deliverability Center

The Deliverability Center provides more insight for your email performance by supporting the use Gmail Postmaster Tools to track data on emails sent and gather data about your sending domain.

Email deliverability is at the core when it comes to measuring the success of a messaging campaign. Using the Deliverability Center in the Braze dashboard, you can view your domains by IP Reputation or Delivery Errors to discover and troubleshoot any potential issues with email deliverability.

Integrate with Google Postmaster

Before setting up your Deliverability Center, check that your domains have been added to the Gmail Postmaster Tools.

Follow these steps to integrate with Google Postmaster and set up your Deliverability Center:

  1. Go to the Analytics > Email Performance.
  2. Select the Deliverability Center tab.
  3. Click Connect with Google Postmaster. Select your Google Account, and click the Allow button to allow Braze to view email traffic metrics for the domains registered with the Postmaster Tools.
  4. Your verified domains will display in the Deliverability Center.

You can also access Google Postmaster in the Braze dashboard by navigating to Partner Integrations > Technology Partners > Google Postmaster. After integrating, Braze pulls reputation and error data for the last 30 days. The data may not be immediately available and could take several minutes to populate.

About IP reputation

To help understand the ratings for IP reputation, refer to this table:

Repuation Level Definition
High Has a good track record of a very low spam rate. Complies with Gmail’s sender guidelines. Emails are rarely marked by the spam filter.
Medium Known to send good email, but has occasionally sent a low volume of spam. Most of the email from this domain will have a fair deliverability rate (except when there is a notable increase in spam levels).
Low Known to send a considerable volume of spam regularly and mail from this sender will likely be marked as spam.
Bad Has a history of sending a high volume of spam. Emails coming from this domain will almost always be rejected at connection time or marked as spam.

For more ideas on improving deliverability, read Deliverability pitfalls and spam traps. Be sure to also reference our Email best practices for things you should check for before sending an email campaign.

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