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Braze Data Transformation overview

Braze Data Transformation allows you to build and manage webhook integrations to automate data flow from external platforms into Braze. This newly integrated user data can then power even more sophisticated marketing use cases.

Braze Data Transformation can expedite your data integration, even if you have very little coding experience. This feature can help replace your team’s dependency on manual API calls, third-party integration tools, or even customer data platforms.

How it works

Many modern-day platforms have “webhooks,” or real-time API notifications, to send information about a new event or new data from one platform to another. Data Transformation provides:

  • A Braze URL address to receive such webhooks.
  • Capabilities to transform the webhook payload with JavaScript code to create valid requests to various Braze API endpoints, including Braze /users/track or /catalogs. For example, for the /users/track destination, you can choose what information to use from the webhook and how you want the data represented on Braze user profiles as user attributes, events, or purchases.
  • Logging to perform quality assurance, troubleshoot, and monitor the performance of your transformations.

The end result is a webhook integration that connects a source platform of your choice by turning their webhooks into Braze updates.

More on webhooks

Webhooks are real-time notifications sent via an HTTP POST request to a specific destination. Webhooks are often used to send data from one point to another, in which the webhook can pass through data about an action that has occurred and who was involved in that action.

For example, a survey platform can send a webhook to a destination of your choice whenever a survey response to an online form is received. Or, a customer service platform can send a webhook to a destination of its choice whenever a customer service ticket is created.

Data Transformation tiers

The following table describes the differences between the free and pro version of Data Transformation.

Area Free Version Data Transformation Pro
Active transformations Up to 5 per company Up to 55 per company
Per month 300,000 incoming requests per month 10,300,000 incoming requests per month

Rate limits

The rate limit for Braze Data Transformation is 1,000 incoming requests per minute. If you have Data Transformation Pro and need a higher rate limit, contact your Braze account manager.

Frequently asked questions

What gets synced with Braze Data Transformation?

Any data the external platform makes available in a webhook can be synced to Braze. The more an external platform sends via webhooks, the more options for choosing what gets synced.

I’m a marketer. Do I need developer resources to use Braze Data Transformation?

While we would love for developers to use this feature as well, you don’t need to be one to use this! Marketers can also successfully set up transformations without developer resources.

Can I still use Braze Data Transformation if my external platform only gives an email address or phone number as an identifier?

Yes. You can have your transformations updating the /users/track endpoint with the email address or phone number as an identifier.

This works by using email or phone as your identifier property in the transformation code instead of external_id or braze_id. The example transformation code uses this functionality.

Does Braze Data Transformation consume data points?

In most cases, yes. Braze Data Transformation eventually creates a /users/track call that writes the attributes, events, and purchases you want. These will consume data points in the same way as if the /users/track call was made independently. You have control over how many data points will be written based on how you write your transformation.

How can I get help setting up my use case or with my transformation code?

Contact your Braze account manager for additional assistance.

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