Terms to Know

These terms should help you as you begin your journey to better customer and user bonds with Braze! Give this a read before you begin your onboarding.

Term Definition
Active User Braze defines an active user for a given time period as any users who has a session in that time period.
MAU Monthly Active User.
Datapoint A data point is counted when a custom attribute is set or updated (even if you’re updating it with the same value), a custom event or purchase event is logged, any standard data (e.g. email, first_name, last_name, country, home_city etc) is logged, when a session starts, and when a session ends.
SDK Software Development Kit. This is integrated into iOS and Android applications and provides powerful marketing, customer support and analytics tools.
API Application Program Interface. The Braze Data API provides a web service where you can record actions taken by your users directly via HTTP, rather than through the mobile SDKs. This allows you to, for example, pass user data to Braze that is not tracked within your app or website.
Braze (the Product) Sometimes referred to as the dashboard, this product controls all of the data and interactions at the heart of the Braze platform. Braze Customers use it to manage notifications, setup targeted messaging campaigns, and view analytics or feedback. Developers use it to manage settings for integrating apps, such as API keys and push notification credentials.
Segmentation Segmentation allows you to create groups or cohorts of users based on powerful filters of their in-app behavior, demographic data, social data, etc.
Multi-Channel Messaging Messaging a user across various mediums - like a combination of email, web push, and mobile push notifications. Messaging channels are best used in concert and with regularity to re-engage lost users, retain active users, and energize your brand ambassadors.
Webhooks Braze’s webhooks allow you to trigger non-app actions such as SMS text message delivery. You can use webhooks to provide other systems and applications with real-time information. The flexibility of this feature allows you to send information to any endpoint.

Now that you’re more familiar with some Braze lingo - move on to the next article to learn more about working with your engineers/developers to integrate Braze.

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