this reference article covers what branching is, and how it can be useful in your canvases.

Create a branch

You can harness the power of Braze’s action-based delivery and powerful realtime segmentation to deliver personalized experiences for your users.

To create a branch, click on the blue circle at the bottom of a Step. Then click on one of the shadowed icons to create a new step.

Canvas Create Branch 1

Create another step, branching from the first:

Canvas Create Branch 2

You can set up filters to determine how users should flow to subsequent steps.

Canvas Create Branch 3

Or you can have users flow between branches based upon actions that they take.

Canvas Create Branch 4


Overlapping filters

When setting up your Canvas, you should ensure that the Filters that you use to split users down different branches do not overlap. If a user can match multiple steps, Braze will pick a branch to send them down. For example:

Canvas Create Branch 5

If a user first made a purchase 7 days ago, they will be randomly slotted into one of the branches above.

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