Adding Personalizable Attributes (Objects)

Braze can automatically substitute values from a given user into your messages. Put your expression inside of two sets of curly brackets to notify Braze that you’ll be using an interpolated value. Inside of these brackets, any user values that you want to substitute must be surrounded by an additional set of brackets with a dollar sign in front of them. For example, if you include the following text in your message: {{${first_name}}}, the appropriate value from the user will be interpolated when the message is sent. If you would like to use the value of a custom attribute, you must add the namespace “custom_attribute” to the variable. For example, to use a custom attribute named “zip code”, you would include {{custom_attribute.${zip code}}} in your message.

The following user values can be substituted into a message:

You can also pull content directly from a web server via Braze’s Connected Content feature.