Subscriptions and Usage

The Subscriptions and Usage page can be found by selecting your account icon in the upper right corner of the Dashboard, and then selecting Subscriptions and Usage from the dropdown. Customers are encouraged to use this page as a self-serve tool to monitor and check their data consumption.

Subscription and Usage

Usage Graphs

Here, you will find data usage graphs that apply to your app groups. Common graphs that will appear for customers are Email Sends usage and Data Point usage. Though common, you may find your own dashboard shows different usage metrics based on the products you have purchased.

Subscription and Usage

Within these graphs, you will be able to find your yearly capacity for a specific type of usage, stats by month, stats by year, as well as a bar graph visualization of overall app group usage, color-coded by app group. These usage graphs also allow you to select and unselect app groups to isolate usage. Usage graphs like these are particularly helpful when trying to budget usage and get a deeper understanding of what app groups contribute to overall usage.

Contract Details

Contract details list the start and end date of your current contract with Braze.

Most Used Data Points by App

The Most Used Data Points by App tab is a further breakdown of the information provided in the usage graphs. Here, you can set a time frame in the upper right to display the top 10 most heavily used data points per app group/source. Some customers may have the option to override this value, showing up to 200 of the most used data points. Within these app group breakdowns, include the data point name, the count, the percentage, as well as Profile Attribute Collected and Custom Attribute Collected data points groupings. Users are able to export and save this data as CSV by clicking Download All Data.

Subscription and Usage

Data breakdowns like these help customers understand what specific data points are taking up large percentages of your allotment. We recommend customers monitor this information from time to time to make sure they aren’t accidentally spending data points in accidental and unnecessary ways.

Total Data Points Dashboard

Your Total Data Points Dashboard can be found under the Total Data Points Dashboard tab. Here, you can view all data in this section aggregated by either weeks or months. Click ‘Run’ to apply any changes.

Subscription and Usage

Contract Details

Here, you’ll find information on when your current Braze contract starts and ends, as well as allotted data points and a sum of all data points that have been used thus far in your current contract.

Current Billing Cycle - App Group Data Point Usage

Depending on whether you chose a time frame of weeks or months, your data here will be broken down by weeks or months. You’ll see how many data points were consumed for each time frame, and a color-coded breakdown of which apps contributed to those data points. Using this graph, you can monitor your data point usage over different periods of time and check for trends as well as outliers, such as unexpected spikes during particular time frames.

Data Point Usage Over Time

You can use this section to monitor how your data point usage is trending over time, and how close you are to hitting your contract’s allotment. One trend line shows your consumption, and the other shows your contract allotment.

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