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Product portal Resources menu in the Braze dashboard

With the product portal, you can access the Braze product roadmap and submit ideas. This provides you with insight into what we’ve recently released, new features that we’re working on, and ideas we’re considering building. In the portal, you can vote for the features you want by ranking a feature’s importance to you and leave a comment with feedback or a request.

The product portal can be found at Community > Product Roadmap.

What’s in the portal

Recently Released New features that we’ve released by quarter
Planned Features Features that we’ve committed to building and will begin development within the quarter.
There is no confirmed deadline as to when these features will be released.
Under Consideration Features we’re considering building that our product team would like your feedback on.
These are ideas and no guarantee that we will build this feature.
Submit Ideas There are 10 product categories in which you can vote for general improvements or comment with a specific feature request or idea.
Our product team will receive and read your requests but an idea submission does not guarantee it will be built.

How you can join the conversation

Rank a Feature’s Importance Rank a feature’s importance by selecting Nice to Have, Important, or Critical.
Comment on a Feature After you’ve ranked a feature, you can leave a comment with your feedback.
Answer a Product Manager’s Question Look for the “How Customers Can Help” on a feature’s card to answer questions from our product team.
Submit an Idea Go to the Submit Ideas page in the portal and select from one of ten cards to rank its importance and include your idea or request in the comments.

Once submitted, your idea will be reviewed by a member of our product team. We cannot provide updates on the status of a request. Occasionally check back to see if your idea has been added to the “Under Consideration” or “Planned Features” sections.

Product feedback at Braze

Braze builds the product roadmap based upon many different sources of information. We take data from our customers, the market, the technology landscape in which we operate, our product vision and innovation strategy, and more. Customer input and feedback is an important component, but it is only one component.

Priorities and timelines can (and do) shift based on the latest information available to the team. With this in mind, it is always recommended to submit product feedback in a timely fashion so the product team is aware of customers’ and the market’s sentiment.

  • Submitting product feedback is a guarantee that our product team will review and consider the feedback.
  • Submitting product feedback is not a guarantee that we will take action. Braze both cannot and does not want to act upon all product feedback.

Tips for submitting product feedback

The more information and context the better! Include links to campaigns, Canvases, or segments, everything that aids the description. We structure product feedback based on the following questions:

  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • What are some specific use cases?
  • Do you have any additional insight? (For example, how this would benefit you and your teams)
  • Are there any current workarounds? (This is not for our prioritization process, but may help with any solution discovery work)

For an example of a well-written product request, see this Product Request Example.

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