Moving the Needle: Measuring and Testing with Canvas Analytics

You need to know if what you’re building is moving the needle. Canvas makes it easy to understand how the experiences you’re building are impacting your goals. Once you build your Canvas and set it live, you can review performance on the Canvas Details page.

Canvas Overview


At the top of the Canvas Details page, there are topline Canvas stats. These include the number of messages sent within the Canvas, the total number of times customers have entered the Canvas, how many have converted and your total rate, the revenue generated by the Canvas, and the estimated total audience. This is a great way to level set in general how you’re doing against your goal.

Performance Visualization


As you move down the Canvas details page, you’ll see the performance for each step. These metrics include sends, unique recipients, conversion count, and revenue generated. You can click to breakdown further and see channel specific performance.

Performance Breakdown (by Variant)


At the bottom of the Canvas Details page, you can see a breakdown (by variant and Control Group if you have more than one) of performance. This is a clear table showing you by variant the number of steps, total sends, total entries, conversions, and total revenue. You can quickly infer effective variants and identify the right cadences, content, triggers, timing, and more!

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