Changing Your Canvas After Launch

Initial Conditions

Editable Not-Editable
Initial Condition Conversion Events
Target Audience  
Pause / Resume Initial Condition  
Workflow Name  

Canvas Graph

Editable Not-Editable
Pause / Resume Execution of All Workflow Steps Deleting Steps
Insert Workflow Steps Deleting Variants
Add New Connections Deleting Connections
Add New Variants  
Variant Distribution  

Individual Step

Editable Not-Editable
Name Schedule Type (change from delay to trigger)
Message Content Control Percentages
Step Message Platforms (add/delete)  
Exception Events  
Delays / Windows  

There are a number of things to know if you plan to edit or add more steps to any other step in Canvas after launching:

  • Users who have not yet entered the Canvas will be eligible for newly created steps.
  • Users who have already passed newly created steps will be eligible next time they re-enter if you have allowed users to re-enter the Canvas in Canvas Entry Settings.
  • Users who are currently in a Canvas, but have not reached the points where new steps are added will be eligible to receive those new steps.
  • You cannot edit or delete existing connections nor can you insert a step between existing connected steps once a Canvas is launched.
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