Engagement Reports

With Engagement Reports, customers can now extract data across multiple Campaigns and/or Canvases. Customers have the ability to:

  1. Run a one time report or Schedule a report to be sent later.
  2. Email the report Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
  3. Set a defined time range of data to include or do a rolling window with scheduled reports.
  4. Choose a defined number of messages to be included in the report or automatically insert messages based on tags.
  5. Select from over 20+ KPI Metrics.
  6. Choose various delimiters and compression types for the report.

How To Use

Creating A New Report

Navigate to Data » Engagement Reports.

To create a new report, click ‘Create New Report’ located on the top right of the page.


Add Messages

The Add Messages tab allows you to select your messages in two ways:


Manually select Campaigns or Canvases - This option gives you the freedom to choose whichever Campaigns or Canvases you would like in this report.

Automatically select Campaigns or Canvases - This option gives you the ability to automatically include all messages based on a specific tag. You can target messages that have any one or all of the tags listed. This option is useful if you are setting up recurring reports and utilize our tagging system.

Add Stats

The Stats tab will automatically show you stats for the types of Campaigns or Canvases you have selected. For instance, if you picked Email messages, you will only see the Email Stats. If you picked a combination of Email and Push, you will see the stats for those two channels.

channel stats available
Email Sent, Opens, Unique Opens, Clicks, Unique Clicks, Unsubscribes, Bounces, Delivered, Reported Spam
Push Sent, Opens, Influenced Opens, Bounces, Body Clicks
Web Push Sent, Opens, Bounces, Body Clicks
In App Message Impressions, Clicks, First Button Clicks, Second Button Clicks
Webhook Sent, Errors


Set Up Report

The Set Up Report tab allows you to enter your report name, select the compression and delimiter of the report and include whom you would like to send this report to. Additional functionality now includes “Data Coverage” and “Schedule Report”.

Data Coverage

Time Frame: By default the data range shown will go from the earliest message selected till present date. You can customize this by selecting the date dropdown and using the custom range selection OR by selecting the next radio button and defining your date range with the dropdown options available.

Data Display: By default the data displayed in the engagement reports is daily (1 day). Should you like to view this data across different intervals, you can choose an explicit number of days or weeks to aggregate the data for the report. So instead of seeing daily metrics, you can look at your engagement by week, month, quarter, etc. Should a time-centric aggregation not suffice, you can also elect to export data at the Campaign or Canvas level.


Schedule Report

There are two options when scheduling your report.

  • Send Immediately: After the report is saved, Braze will send this report Immediately

  • Send at a Designated Time: This option gives you flexibility to choose how frequently you would like to receive this report. You can choose to send this report every X days, weeks or months. Additionally you can define when to stop sending the report.


About the Report

  • The report is exported as a link embedded inside of a triggered email.
  • Regardless of the number of Campaigns or Canvases selected, only a max of 2 CSV files will be generated - one for all of the Campaign data, and one for all of the Canvas data.
  • The report, when opened, will contain all the statistics selected in the ‘Add Stats’ section of the setup process.
  • Certain data is aggregated at the ‘Campaign’ or ‘Canvas’ level versus at the individual ‘variant’ or ‘step’ level.
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