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Braze Learning courseAbout MMS messages

MMS, also known as Multimedia Message Service, is used to send messages containing multimedia assets (JPEG, GIF, PNG) to mobile phones.

Like SMS, MMS is a high urgency messaging channel that allows you to communicate with customers immediately in a way you can’t with any other channel. However, MMS extends the capabilities of SMS by giving you the ability to add media to otherwise text-only SMS.

Potential use cases

Use case Explanation
Promotions Reach users with high-visibility SMS campaigns but also leverage the media aspect of MMS to entice buyers with what you’re offering.
Re-engagement campaigns Re-engage customers who opted in to receive SMS when all other channels fail to bring them back.

Get to know MMS

MMS availability

Most US and Canadian carriers support receiving and displaying multimedia assets on their customers’ phones. For international carriers, Braze will automatically convert MMS messages sent from a supported US or Canada-based phone number, and only to destinations that don’t support MMS. For these messages, Braze will replace the attached media with a short URL added to the message body that links to the file.

Subscription groups

A subscription group is a collection of sending phone numbers (short codes, long codes, and alphanumeric sender IDs) that are used for a specific type of messaging purpose. Your subscription group requires a phone number that is enabled for MMS. Speak with your Braze account manager regarding enabling this feature.

MMS message limits and throughput

For MMS, the message limit is 1 MB (this includes the multimedia asset and the message body size). To be on the safer side, Braze recommends not exceeding 600 KB for your multimedia asset while also including a message body.

MMS throughput is one segment per second via a long code.

Inbound MMS

When a user sends an inbound message that contains a media item, Braze will expose the URL for the media item in Currents as well as Liquid through the Liquid tag {{sms.${inbound_media_url}}}

Accepted file types

Braze accepts JPEG, GIF, PNG, and VCF files and allows you to attach a single multimedia asset to your MMS message.

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