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Fuzzy opt-out

Users that send SMS with Braze must adhere to the applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards that are defined. For opt-out, the laws dictate that when a user texts “STOP” that all subsequent messaging related to that messaging program will be stopped. Braze automatically processes these messages and unsubscribes the user.

Fuzzy opt-out attempts to recognize when an inbound message does not match an opt-out keyword, but indicates opt-out intent. If fuzzy opt-out is enabled and an inbound keyword response is deemed “fuzzy,” Braze will automatically respond, asking the user to confirm their intent.

Currently, only opt-out keywords created using English as the local language are supported.

What is deemed as fuzzy?

The criteria for an inbound response to be deemed as “fuzzy” are as follows:

  • If switching a letter with the letter one to the left or right of it on a QWERTY keyword yields a matching opt-out keyword.
  • A substring of the message matches an opt-out keyword.

For example, “Stpo” or “Please stopppp” will be deemed fuzzy, and a fuzzy opt-out response will be sent.

Configure fuzzy opt-out

To configure fuzzy opt-out, navigate to the subscription group keyword management page.

  1. Go to Audience > Subscriptions and select an SMS subscription group.
  1. In SMS Global Keywords, find the opt-out category and select the pencil icon.
  2. Enable Fuzzy Opt-Out by toggling it on.
  3. Modify the fuzzy opt-out response as desired.

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