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Link Shortening

Link shortening and click tracking allow you to automatically shorten URLs contained in SMS messages and collect open-rate analytics, providing additional engagement metrics to help understand how your users are engaging with your SMS campaigns.


Link Shortening and click tracking can be enabled at the message variant-level in both campaigns and Canvases. Links will be shortened using Braze’s shared short domain ( with a length of between 20-21 characters. An example URL may look something like this:

Shortened URLs will be valid for one year from the date they were created.

To enable Link Shortening, ensure the Link Shortening toggle in the message composer is enabled.

For Braze to recognize URLs, they must start with http:// or https://. When a URL is recognized, the Preview pane will update with a placeholder URL. Note that the character count in the Compose tab excludes all personalization of link shortening.


We always recommend that you preview and test your message before launching a campaign or Canvas.

Navigate to the Test tab to preview and send an SMS to content test groups or an individual user. The preview will update with relevant personalization and the shortened URL. The number of characters and billable segments will also update to reflect the rendered personalization and the shortened URL.

Make sure to save the campaign or Canvas before sending a test message to receive the shortened URL that will be dispatched in your message. If the campaign or Canvas is not saved before a test send, the test send will contain a placeholder URL.

Click tracking

When Link Shortening is enabled, the SMS and MMS performance table include a column titled Total Clicks that shows a count of click events per variant and an associated click rate. For more details on SMS metrics, see SMS message performance.

The Historical Performance and SMS Overview chart also includes an option for Total Clicks and shows a daily time series of click events.

Frequently asked questions

How long are the shortened URLs?

Shortened URLs will be between 20 and 21 characters long.

No. Currently, only static URLs are shortened.

If the campaign has been saved as a draft before test sending, yes! Otherwise, it is a placeholder link.

No, Link Shortening will work without any SDK integration.

Not yet, though we plan to provide more customization options in the future.

Do I know which individual users are clicking on a URL?

Not yet. This will be part of a future user-level click tracking release.

Can I add UTM parameters to a URL before it is shortened?

Yes! Any static URL parameters can be added.

How long do shortened URLs remain valid?

One year.

Link Shortening will only shorten static URLs that start with http:// or https://. It is not advised to further shorten generated universal links (from providers such as Branch or Firebase) as this may break the attribution or redirect of those tools.

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