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Copying campaigns across workspaces

Copying campaigns across a workspace allows you to get a jumpstart on your message composition by starting with a copy of a campaign in a different workspace. This copy will remain as a draft until you edit and launch, helping you keep and build off your successful messaging strategies.

How to copy a campaign

To copy a campaign across a workspace, select the gear icon next to the selected campaign, and click Copy to Workspace. After copying, we recommend reviewing and testing your campaign to ensure that all fields are working properly.

When you copy a campaign to a workspace, fields such as campaign name and description, variants, delivery schedule type, and conversion behaviors are copied. For email campaigns, fields such as email body, subject, and preheader are also copied over to the destination workspace.

Note that multi-channel campaigns with unsupported channels can’t be copied over to a workspace.

Copying campaigns that contain Liquid

For message bodies that include Liquid references, the references are copied over to a workspace, but they may not function as expected. This means if a campaign from Workspace A is copied to Workspace B, then Workspace B can’t reference Workspace A’s details, including Liquid references. For example, fields such as trigger actions and audience filters aren’t copied across workspaces.

Note the following Liquid references with dependencies when copying campaigns across workspaces:

  • Catalog item tags
  • Connected Content tags
  • Content Blocks
  • Custom attributes
  • Preference centers
  • Product recommendations
  • Subscription state tags
  • Voucher and promotion tags

When you copy a campaign across a workspace, Content Blocks won’t be copied. However, a Content Block can be referenced in the destination workspace if a block with the same name exists. Alternatively, you can create the Content Block (or these Liquid references) in the destination workspace to avoid errors when launching a campaign.

What’s copied across workspaces

Note the following is not a comprehensive list of what is copied across a workspace and what is omitted. As a best practice, check the campaign details and test to ensure your campaign works as expected.

Copied Omitted
Description Territories
Type Tags
Actions (nested) Segments
Conversion behaviors (nested) Approvals
Quiet time configurations Trigger schedule
Frequency capping configurations Campaign summaries
Recipient subscription state  
Reoccurring schedule  
Is Transactional  
Copied Omitted
Type behavior Workspace IDs
Campaign interaction Campaign ID
Custom event name  
Product name  
Copied Omitted
Action types Send count
Message variations  
Copied Omitted
Send percentage API ID
Type Seed group IDs
  Link template IDs
  Internal user group IDs
Copied Omitted
Name Link aliasing
Description API keys
Content Territories
HTML and drag-and-drop content Tags
Copied Omitted
Body Messaging service
Link shortening VCF media items
Click tracking  
Media items  
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